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▼ New routes, linkups and extensions - year 2014
Lovin` you is a dirty job5.10aFunny FaceMichael McGee, Rachel McGeeDirty Wall - right of Chud
Captain Potsdorf5.10bKubrick'sMichael McGee, Rachel McGee20 ft. to the right of Chevalier de Balibari
Pussy in the Sky with Almonds5.11dBauhausDarek KrolLeft of Effigy for Silent King
School of Rök 5.11aBauhausChris Weidnerbetween Choss Temple and Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Woody5.11dFunny FaceBill GibsonNext to Borat, 9 glue-ins
Sausage Boy5.11bMeat WallJason BrownBetween "80 feet of Meat" and "Crime and Punishement" - separate start.
Rigor Mortis5.12cLower TierDarek Krol, Brian ChristensenOld Maury`s project - Rigor Mortis
Eulogy5.13aLower TierBen WalburnRight of Rigor Mortis
Cowboys From Hell5.13cLower TierWilliam MondragonLeft of Music for the Dead
All Quiet On Western Slope5.13aBauhausDarek KrolRight of Silent Swell
Master P5.13aNostril CaveDave PeggLeft of `Mr. T`
Planet Garbage5.14cWicked CaveMatty HongLINKUP - between "Garbage Pail Kids" and "Planet X"
Moment Musical5.14aSno Cone WallSteve HongTo the left of "Fluff Boy"
Nostalgie5.14cThe WastelandJon CardwellLeft of Ruckus - equipped by Steve Hong


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