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Welcome to Rifle Canyon and Rifle Climbers Coalition!
Rifle Mountain Park, aka 'Rifle Canyon', aka 'Rifle', is a unique climbing area in the heart of Colorado's high country. Climbing activities here date to the late years 1980's. It is a special crag on any applicable scale for its incomparable beauty and a choice of aesthetic, hard climbing routes. Climbers will find here the highest concentration of difficulty per single linear mile and one of the friendliest climbers' posses in the world.

Rifle Climbers Coalition is a community-based, non-profit organisation representing climbers and managing all climbing-related issues. While you enjoy climbing in Rifle, please respect park regulations and adhere to local community's respectful conduct toward the canyon.

Events 2016
- May 2016 (weekend to be determined) - Spring cleanup - trash removal taking advantage of low foliage

- August 27-28, 2016 - Climbers' Festival "Rendez-Spew" - cleanup, games, fun, improvement projects and party!
New routes, linkups, extensions - previous year and current season

This website is not a guide to Rifle Canyon. RCC is NOT taking responsibility for the inaccuracy of route information. We encourge you to buy an appropriate guidebook  or to download a corresponding mobile app where you will find all detailed information. Rock climbing is a dangerous sport. Climb safely and responsibly!