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New routes - year 2013
Cut the Cord 5.10cNappy DugoutMichael SchneiterWall of Life, left of Wasteland, left most, crack feature"
Gestational Physics 5.10bNappy DugoutMichael SchneiterWall of Life, pockets down and wandering reaches to good holds "
Peaceful Revolution 5.10cSno Cone WallMichael SchneiterLeft of Straight Man
Suck It and See 5.11dSno Cone WallDave Pegg Left of No Risk No Fun in Sno-Cone Wall
German Blood 5.11bMiddle Ice CavesMichael McGeeTo the right of "Irish Blood"
Silent Swells 5.12cWall Of SilenceBrad Buhrow, Darek KrolRight of "Fat Tongue"
Pump Action 5.12cSno Cone WallJerad FriedrichsExtension to Lever Action
Carnivore 5.12bMeat WallChad ThomsonTo the right of "Crime and Punishement"
Automatic Leg Spreader 5.12cThe WastelandDan MortaRight side of Wasteland, above the trail
Can't Stop 5.12dWell Dunn WallSteve DamboiseVariation off "Slee Stack Love" - 4 bolts on it and then to the right
The Butterfly Effect 5.12cSapper CaveBrad Buhrow, Darek KrolTo the left of Peleliu
Family Jewels 5.12bNappy DugoutDarek KrolDirect start to "Family Unit"
Kitchen Soup 5.13aHawaiian/Lower TierMaury VaughnLinkup - Starts with Soup Nazi then traverses the wall diagonally to finish with Procession, really cool pitch.
Turtle Power 5.13aArsenalJerad FriedrichsOld project sent, extension to Fresh Loaf
Effigy For Silent King 5.13bWall Of SilenceBrad Buhrow, Darek KrolLeft of "Fat Tongue"
Garbage Pail Kids 5.14cWicked CaveJoe KinderRight of "Planet X", takes left side of the Wicked Cave
Double Rainbow 5.14aWicked CaveSteve HongLeft of "Planet X", and "Missing Link", starts on dihedral and through roof above
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